E-Keratin doesn’t contain formalin which is a main used component in such sessions, formalin forces hair straightness by ironing the hair from its roots, which will ultimately damages the hair
E-Keratin doesn’t contain formalin, hence provides natural hair straightness, not frizzed.

Oil replacement is a value added product enriched with emollients that give you the nourishment of the oil without the oily after feel.

Anti-ageing creams should be used starting 30 years, as at this age collagen production starts to decrease, Eva collagen cream with Nano particles and vitamin C& E stimulates the production of new collagen and therefore fills the wrinkle lines

The end benefit is that it provides confidence, joy, and a pampering feeling without causing any problems, or leaving the skin unhealthy or dry. It is a special treat for the skin that keeps it young, soft and radiant.

B-White is an effective fairness cream which delivers the whitening effect required in a totally safe way resulting in a bright and toned skin.