Eva Guest Collection

The Story

Eva Guest Collection is only the latest in the Eva Cosmetics portfolio of successful concepts and product lines. After decades of successful Cosmetic business ventures, the brilliant team has combined their collective know how, infinite resources and market expertise to bring the world “Eva Guest collection”. The Eva Cosmetics legacy can be traced back to 1972, since then it has provided local and regional markets with high quality, effective personal care lines created and manufactured within its own facility.
Currently Eva Cosmetics is the source of 20 of the most popular brands and has its own state of the art manufacturing facility.


The philosophy of “Eva Guest Collection” is to provide Hotel Management with a high quality, easily adaptable and innovative source of hotel amenities. We use our extensive consumer knowledge to provide clients with a versatile range of supplies and kits that answer every need. The handpicked collection is especially designed to pamper hotel guests, satisfy their personal care needs and enrich their hotel stay.

Bathroom Amenities

Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Soaps, Mouth Wash, Toothpaste, Shaving Cream, Perfumes and Spa Oils . Accessories Shower cap, Sewing kit, Shoe Mitt, Shoe Sponge, Lofa, Sanitary Bag, Vanity Kit, Emery Board, Comb, Laundry Bag, etc.

Discover the difference in quality when you choose Eva Guest collection as your supplier of bed sheets and linen fragrance oils, duvets, blankets, pillowcases, towels, bath robes, Slippers, table linens all available in a variety of thread counts, colors and designs (either jacquard designs or customized designs). Our extensive teams are able to satisfy your every textile need in a very wide range of fabric specifications, producing from a standard T120 quality to T700 plain sateen using single yarns, dyed yarn, plain yarn, etc. We provide softness that delights, comfort that revives and durability that lives on.

100% Egyptian cotton well known for its exquisite quality, durability and fresh comforting sensation.
80% cotton 20% polyester blends.
70% cotton 30% polyester blends.
50% cotton 50% polyester.