About Us

We are all about
  • Ownership.
  • Honesty.
  • Fairness.
  • Respect.
  • Positive thinking.
  • Putting customers first.
  • Having passion for success.


Strategically located in Egypt, Eva cosmetics enjoys the benefits of this privileged position and the significant time advantage it provides to serve markets around the world. This position along with the resources of the Armanious Group has allowed Eva to go beyond its home market and excel on a global level by exporting to over 13 countries and the launching of offices and factories in numerous countries. Eva’s culture of innovation and strenuous quality control standards has earned it an international reputation of excellence and credibility. Our success is illustrated in our portfolio of international markets that continues to expand.

Eva Cosmetics’ most recent manufacturing facility has the capacity of over 385 million units a year. Its stamp of efficiency and productivity is illustrated in its accreditation and proven through the many organizations that choose to manufacture through it.

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Our Culture & Values

We shape products out of dreams. Enhancing strengths with a firm conviction to innovate and succeed. Each step fueled with a passion to enrich lives by providing innovations in personal care. To conquer new ground, set new standards, overcome all obstacles and drive positive impact all in the race to the future.

Today, at Eva Cosmetics we continue to honor the legacy of the Armanious group and its founder through continuing to adapt all original values and work ethic as well as the renowned commitment to perfection. We believe that practicing strong business ethics is the ultimate win-win for everyone. We believe in the power of the motivated employee that’s why we empower our people and arm them with all the resources they need to excel. Our belief in the company’s values goes far beyond reciting them repetitively; they are the foundation for all everyday business decisions.

We Care

We care about our people
We care about the safety and well being of our employees and we invest time and money in employees’ skills and career development. Moreover, because we believe in the potential of working mothers, we own and sponsor many nurseries both on location and off. Providing parents with a safe, easy and educational option of daycare. Our facility is ISO OHSAS 18001/2007 certified.

We care about the Environment
We have a lengthy record of environmental responsibility and compliance with environmental regulations and best practices. Our facility is equipped with sophisticated wastewater treatment stations to protect our natural ecosystems. We are ISO 14001:2004 certified which celebrates our Environmental Protection Policy.

We care about our community
Eva Foundation for Social Services is an entity founded solely with the objective of providing social care and services to the community. We have created sustainable programs that provide free medical check-ups, illiteracy classes and finding jobs for the disabled. Moreover Eva partnered with Diesen, a non-profit organization aimed at helping blind people, to bring to life Diesen children.

Women Empowerment


Eva Cosmetics has always been a proud supporter of women. Over the years we’ve made it our mission to enrich their lives by providing innovations in personal care, opening and operating in-house nurseries, as well as launching leadership programs and supporting women in managerial roles. Today, Eva Cosmetics is happy to announce the launch of a brand new initiative; one that is dedicated to creating programs that tackle women’s daily challenges, and give them the support they need to reach their full potential.

The initiative was initially launched in our home country Egypt, under the umbrella of “Empowering Egyptian Women Together”. Its mission is to work within the company and outside it, recognizing achievements by women and arming them with the resources they need to excel. We bring to light social issues, help improve the lives of Egyptian women and address the community to begin recognizing women for their strengths and accomplishments.

We believe that empowering women and enhancing women’s rights not only supports families, protects its youth and recognizes a history of accomplishments. Investing in women essentially revives half of a population, fundamentally strengthens societies and transforms countries.

Eva has corporate citizenship embedded in it’s DNA !

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Our History


Droguerie Riad Armanious

Redefining the phrase starting from scratch, Dr Riad Armanious built the Group, now known as Armanious Group, with the launch of 1 pharmacy.



Pharmacie La Santé

Egypt’s oldest and most reputable pharmacy was born in 1919. The Armanious name grew and a reputation of excellence and trust was beginning to flourish. t2


Les Laboratoires Delta

Dr Riad continued on his path and created Egypt’s 2nd pharmaceutical company in Egypt through building, a lab specializing in effective and innovative formulas. t3


Eva Cosmetics

Dr. Mounir Riad Armanious continued his father’s success by building on the strong heritage of the Armanious group and creating Eva Cosmetics, a personal care manufacturing and distribution plant.

His plans to expand did not stop there and throughout the years he has stayed ahead of the competition through continuously developing new organizations to add to the value chain.


Akhnaton Trading and Distribution S.A.E.

One of the top 3 agents for machinery in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industries Translation to be provided akhnaton

Akhnaton Trading and Distribution S.A.E.

Starting with the marketing and distribution arm of Eva Cosmetics, Akhnaton Trading and Representation provides its sister companies with their needs in consultation, know-how, machinery and raw materials. atr


Nefertiti Chemicals

A major importer that hunts the world for the finest and rarest natural ingredients, then supplies all companies within the group with their needs and wants in chemicals. t6


Akhnaton Engineering

Provider of technical maintenance and calibrations for all machinery in the pharmaceutical and cosmetics businesses. alogo



Primarily a land reclamation company that was founded with the objective of turning barren tracts of desert land to fertile productive fields. So far the company has transformed a 1,500 acre land into farm land. t7


Eva Pharma

Founded over a decade ago, Eva Pharma has become one of the leading generic pharmaceutical manufacturers in the MENA region, providing over 120 pharmaceutical products. t8


Eva Cosmetics new facility

Occupying a 40,000 m2-area of land and with a capacity of 384 million units a year, the new facility allowed for the groups further expansion. manufactory


Akhnaton Mechatronics

An entity that designs, manufactures and provides the best machinery for cosmetic and pharmaceutical needs. akhnaton-machinery-1


Dr. Mounir Armanious Foundation

In the memory of the groups founder, Armanious group launched an entity with the sole objective of providing social care and services to the community. arf



An experienced below the line creative agency.



A corporation based in France that specializes in manufacturing, trading, importing and exporting cosmetic products. t11



Eva Biomedical European Development Institute, was launched in Hungary. It focuses on developing topical semisolid drug delivery systems for both biomedical and personal care agents. t10



Pharmaceutical manufacturing facility.